We are lucky to live in a beautiful rural town with lots of surrounding wildlife. But the cost of wildlife around cars, as well as other accidents, and weather events, means more injuries, or orphans.

Our Local Wildlife Carers

In Gayndah we are lucky to have 2 wildlife carers (both registered with Gympie Wildlife Rescue Inc.):

Ian Schmidt

15 years as a Wildlife Carer

Specialising in: Birds, Gliders, Kangaroos, Turtles, Possums, Wallabies, Lizards, etc.

6 Cordelia St, Gayndah (North side)
Phone: 0427 408 273

Ian is able to perform rescues.

Cameron Andrews

Newly registered Wildlife Carer, but 35 years experience caring for birds, 10 years experience raising birds.

Specialising in: Birds.

30 Fielding St, Gayndah (South side)

Phone 0422 616 016 to make sure we are home.

How you can support

Looking after sick and injured wildlife, as a registered wildlife carer, is an unpaid role. With lots of specialised equipment or consumables required.. normally paid for by the wildlife carer themselves (because they love the job).

If you would like to support our local carers, they would be ever so grateful for any of the following:

Ian regularly needs the following…

Wombaroo Teats – available ….

Cameron regularly needs the following…

Wombaroo Insectivore Rearing Mix – available in 250g boxes for approx $7,
or 1kg boxes for approx $20.
Available at most Produce stores.

Woombaroo Lorikeet & Honeyeater Food or Passwell Complete Lorikeet – available in 1Kg boxes for approx $15
Available at selected Produce stores.