Does your website come up in a Google Search?

It is really tricky to get your website showing up in Google or Bing Search.

So what’s the trick? The answer (which you have likely already heard of), is Search Engine Optimisation. Otherwise shortened to SEO.

The word “SEO” can bring fear into the heart of a beginner Website editor, but when you know these 5 basic tips, it is really quite easy.

1. Use Header 1’s

Header 1’s, at least as the beginning line of each page, will get sucked up by Website Crawler the as the “meta description”, for the page, and displayed in the Search results under the page Title.

2. Don’t slow down your Website’s load time

Don’t slow down your website with large images, videos etc. Keep your images under 200kb, and you shouldn’t slow down your website.

Slow Websites are not favoured by viewers, so they are given a lower ranking by Search Engines.

3. Use keywords in your Page Titles & Permalinks

Including key words in your page’s title and the permalink (page url), will help the Search Engines figure out what your pages are about, and therefor what search results they should appear in.

4. Keep your Website relevant, unique & current

Search Engine’s love websites that are updated often, have it’s own original content, and has items relevant to the website’s primary purpose.

If you leave a site stay stagnant for a long time, use a lot of copied material, or try to include popular search topics on your page, when it is clearly not relevant to your site.. will just get your negative rankings by the Search Engines.

5. Link, Link, Link

Link your website’s internal pages (where relevant), to make it easier to find everything by the Website Crawler, and also make your website favoured more by the Search Engine, as being more user friendly.

Additionally, get your website linked on other websites. This helps your increase your website’s integrity in the Search Engine’s eyes.

I hope these tips help you in your SEO goals of your website.