Facebook Business Suite

Facebook pages can only be created and linked to a normal profile account, with Facebook allowing you to flip between your personal profile, and business page profile, by clicking on your profile image (in the top right corner).

Meta (the new company name for Facebook) have made viewing & managing Facebook and Instagram pages easier using their Meta Business Suite tool.

Meta Business Suite

Log into your normal facebook account first, then click on this link to go to the Meta Business Suite tool.

Website Visitor Analytics

Google provide a tool called Google Analytics which tracks how many people visit your website, where they come from, what they do there, and how they found you. This tool can give you an insight to how you can improve your website visitors experience, to turn them into a customer.

Google Analytics

You need to be logged into your Google Account to use this tool, and it needs to be setup with special permission to collect website usage data by your website administrator (if not already).

Google Search Performance

Google have another tool called Search Console – which shows how much your website appears in Google Search Engine results, on what page (of the search results), and the keywords used.

Google Search Console

You need to be logged into your Google Account to access this data – with the tool needing to be given permission and configured to allow for initial and regular indexing (crawling) of your website by the search engine bots.
Usually setup by your website administrator.